Nursing Care at Home

At Kefi Home Healthcare, we believe that healing happens faster when it is at the convenience, comfort and familiarity of the individual’s home, surrounded by near and dear ones. Our qualified nursing team caters to a wide range of health care needs at home, thereby avoiding multiple hospital or clinic visits and also often reducing or eliminating a hospital stay.

At Kefi Home Healthcare, we aim to make every patient’s recovery and treatment as smooth and effective as possible. We follow a multidisciplinary team approach, and strive to improve health through excellent clinical care, education, and evidence based medicine.

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    We are equipped to provide the following skilled nursing services at the comfort of your home:

    Home intravenous antibiotic therapy
    Wound care
    Suture removal
    Tracheostomy Care
    Post surgical care
    Post Knee surgery
    Post Hip surgery
    Post stroke care
    Post transplant care
    Post Liver transplant
    Post Kidney transplant

    End of Life care

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