Post Hospitalization care at Home

Post Hospitalization Care At Home

Hospitalization is a risky yet unavoidable business for the elderly. The first 30 days at home after hospitalization is a fragile time. Many adults get readmitted to the hospital during the first month at home. But with medical care and support, you or your loved one can relax, recover, and heal well. The high readmission rate is because the patient does not follow the advice and medication instructions of doctors. And another reason could be the unhealthy atmosphere and environment.

After hospitalization, you will need aid in doing stuff that you are unable to do for yourself. Help with conducting basic tasks like cleaning and changing. You may need a nurse to swap the gauze on a wound or to give drugs. You may need tools, too: a walker, a bath chair or a table to ensure you do not hurt yourself during cure.

KEFI can give an optimal home ecosystem to promote a quick recovery. It gets based on some needs of the victim. When you or a loved one get released from the hospital, you can count on our expertise and attentive aids to achieve a perfect and rapid recovery at home. Our nurses perform health appraisals and give the care to help clients healing from surgery/illnesses. To assure that you or your loved one is not re-hospitalized.

After you or your loved ones are hospital discharge, you can count on our expertise, kindness and attentive services to ensure a safe and speedy cure at home. We create a customized Care Plan that meets each of your unique needs.

We Help You With:

  • Checking vital signs

Vital signs comprise body temperature, pulse rate, rate of respiration and blood pressure. Since it gives critical info, that is vital for life-sustenance. Judgment of the signs helps assess the overall health of a person. Vital signs also help the doctor in the assessment of the illness. And also to learn the physiological reaction of the patient to challenges posed by the disease.

  • Medication management

Medication Management Services involves expert druggists open to review your prescriptions. To decide if they are optimal for your care, identify any potential remedy conflict issues and fix them with your doctor to give you the best possible care and health results.

  • Disease management

Our programs focus on linking patients in the health care process to gain more confidence and better life quality. The aim of each of our plans is to reduce hospitalizations for the long term. We use the current medical proof to develop our clinical and patient education. And draft plans for inmate care. Our access to patient care rises with disease management education.

  • Chemotherapy

A trained and certified chemotherapy nurse gets appointed for the session. The nurse is supervised by our full-time doctor. The chemotherapy gets directed to the patient as per the chemotherapy plan formed by their treating oncologist.

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