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We at KEFI endeavor to improve elderly lives by giving quality treatment at the solace of your home. Our primary care physicians and Nurses who are devoted to elderly care are sympathetic and caring. We give customized medical care, including proficient nurse and doctor visits.

Nursing Care at Home

At Kefi Home Healthcare, we believe that healing happens faster when it is at the convenience, comfort and familiarity of the individual’s home, surrounded by near and dear ones.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at KEFI Home Healthcare focuses on restoring function and improving quality of life for patients with pain and/or physical impairment and disability.

Lab Test

When you need to get a blood test or a full body checkup done, you don’t have to visit a diagnostic centre near you because KEFI brings it to you. Booking a lab test at home has never been easier

Doctor Visit at Home

Having access to a doctor at the comfort of your home was a privilege only few could enjoy until now.  KEFI’s Doctor Home visit service eliminates the disruptions to normal life due to 

ICU at Home

There might be times when it so befalls that a patient requires the ease of an Intensive Care Unit for a long term. It can prove to be burdening, both monetarily and emotionally, especially for …

Medical Equipment Rental

KEFI Home Healthcare has specialized in outfitting hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities with quality, new and refurbished medical

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