Tracheostomy Care

Tracheostomy Care At Home

With Kefi in-home nursing aids, get the most of our healthcare aids in the warmth of your home. Comprising highly qualified nurses for old-age care, post-surgical administration, medicines, wound care or treatments, our team gives you the kind of care you deserve.

Tracheotomy is a surgical procedure. It creates a permanent opening in the trachea or known as the windpipe for installing the breathing tube. Tracheotomy helps the patient breathe through the tracheostomy tube fixed in the trachea, avoiding the nose or mouth. Tracheotomy is helpful in cases where the upper respiratory tract gets clogged.

Tracheostomy care is vital as indecent, lack of care can lead to contagions. It causes trouble in speaking, eating and breathing other dilemmas. Tracheostomy care chiefly includes suctioning to restrict occlusions and replacing supplies by excluding secretions. Suctioning gets performed when it is clinically necessary. It is due to the perils linked like hypoxia or collapsing lungs and disease.

It takes around two days to get set to the tracheostomy tube. Further, the speech also gets hindered since air does not pass through the voice box. Some patients find covering the tracheostomy tube to be effective while talking. In other cases, special valves get joined to aid with the speech.

Tracheostomy care needs professional help as it has few risks involved. With our at-home healthcare service available handy, why travel to a clinic. We have a complete team of experts from reputable doctors to skilled nurses and other healthcare specialists trained to provide medical care to the patients. So, if you need tracheostomy care at home, give us a call. Our representative would attend you at your home at the time and day of your comfort.

Type of Care provided at KEFI:

Tracheostomy skincare 

The skin around the tracheostomy gets cleaned 1 to 2 times a day and as needed to limit irritation and infection skin. The cleaning gets done often if the skin is sensitive and red. And has a foul smell or if secretions are leaking out around the tracheostomy.


Suctioning cleans mucus from the tracheostomy tube and is vital for breathing. Also, discharges left inside could become infected, a chest infection could grow.

Changing and cleaning the tracheostomy tube

Suction catheters get washed after each session of suctioning. It aids inhibit infection as well as assists cut down costs by reusing the same catheter for one week.

Assistance in activities of daily living

To assist with daily activities for living a confident and happy life. Our nurses help the patients emotionally and physically to make their life easier.

Medication management

To take care of medications for smooth and healthy living.

PEG Feeding

Our nurses can provide tube feeding care for the patients at their homes. They will conduct the assessment and the care gets decided based on the medicinal conditions.

Monitoring vitals

Kefi leading in-home healthcare services, provide well-trained nurses. They are skilled in giving injections, checking the vital signs of patients. Further, providing empathetic care to the patients.

Monitoring fluid intake

Monitoring is a crucial clinical care method that renders the means to prepare the progress of the disease and the benefits. Monitoring of intake aids caregivers ensures that the inmate has sufficient intake of fluid and other nutrients.

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